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9:11 am: 144. Down 1.2. Hungover as fuck so that is all a dehydration loss. We'll see the truth tomorrow I guess. I've already drank a litre of water, and I'm part way through some ketoade I made to help with the hydration because we have to finish cookies today and I need to be on my game. Wouldn't be a weekend without a hangover for me. I tracked some of the crap I ate yesterday but I am going to finish inputting what I remember after this. Planning for a SAFE and SOBER day. I think I was still drinking until almost 3 am and the cats woke us up around 7 and I think I was still drunk so I mean I may even still be drunk. I really need to stop drinking. My tolerance is at the point where I basically don't feel anything until it's too much. I don't want to get to regular black outs again. I worry about my liver. Plus if I'm not feeling what I'm drinking to feel then what's the point? I should try to use sleep to avoid feeling instead of poison. I'd get skinner that way too. Anyway time to get Cronometer back in order and finish this coffee so we can get on with the day.

9:11 a.m. - December 10, 2023


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